1 Kings

Day 105

‘Blessed be the LORD, the God of Israel, who has granted someone to sit on my throne this day, my own eyes seeing it.’  (1 Kings 1:48)
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Day 106

God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding beyond measure, and breadth of mind like the sand on the seashore,  (1 Kings 4:29)
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Day 107

Concerning this house that you are building, if you will walk in my statutes and obey my rules and keep all my commandments and walk in them, then I will establish my word with you, which I spoke to David your father.  (1 Kings 6:12)
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Day 108

All the peoples of the earth may know your name and fear you, as do your people Israel, and that they may know that this house that I have built is called by your name.  (1 Kings 8:43)
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Day 109

I have consecrated this house that you have built, by putting my name there forever. My eyes and my heart will be there for all time.  (1 Kings 9:3)
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Day 110

Yet to his son I will give one tribe, that David my servant may always have a lamp before me in Jerusalem, the city where I have chosen to put my name. (1 Kings 11:36)
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Day 111

And all Israel shall mourn for him and bury him, for he only of Jeroboam shall come to the grave, because in him there is found something pleasing to the LORD, the God of Israel, in the house of Jeroboam. (1 Kings 14:13)
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Day 112

Nevertheless, for David’s sake the LORD his God gave him a lamp in Jerusalem,setting up his son after him, and establishing Jerusalem,  (1 Kings 15:4)
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Day 113

“Go up now, look toward the sea.” And he went up and looked and said, “There is nothing.” And he said, “Go again,” seven times.  (1 Kings 18:43)
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Day 114

Yet I will leave seven thousand in Israel, all the knees that have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth that has not kissed him.  (1 Kings 19:18)
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Day 115

And Micaiah said, “Therefore hear the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing beside him on his right hand and on his left  (1 Kings 22:19)
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